Francesca Romana Borruso, Portrait

"In my Craft or Sullen Art"¹

Francesca Romana Borruso’s burning passion for the goldsmith’s art is the result of a long and obstinate journey.

A journey which has taken her from the small girl who used to dismantle the family’s jewelry (not all of it, just the mundane and decidedly ugly exemplars) to remake them after her own fashion, to the teenager with a precocious aesthetic sensibility and striking manual dexterity, to the history of art scholar, who earned degrees in the arts and psychology, to her later extended period as researcher of artistic images in history and their remote origins in primitive and Sumerian art.

"At times I am genuinely surprised and it is only when contemplating the finished object that the remote echoes and impressions it carries become clear to me. For example, there are earrings and pendants which recall the Merovingian "rouelle", an ancient jewel that once inspired Cartier, or instead I find I have created organic structures, at once highly modern and primordial."

In her Roman workshop the creation of a jewel is the result of techniques learnt in the bottega, as happened during the Renaissance², and the constant, tireless pursuit of avant-garde materials and processes. This, after her training with the schools and master craftsmen³ in various disciplines led her to seek out those with a special sensibility for gold sculpture and its unpredictable outcomes.

Daring and inventive freedom, a clearly-defined identity and visionary artistic talent, are what make Francesca Romana Borruso’s creations unmistakeably her own.

¹ "In my Craft or Sullen Art" by Dylan Thomas
² Vogue Gioiello - The Jewelry Issue, December 2012, Francesca Giorgetti
³ Gianluca Merlonghi