Brand Francesca Romana Borruso

"The emotion and the rule"¹

It is between these two poles, at once harmonic and contradictory, that Francesca Romana Borruso’s jewels come into being. Emotion and a sense of wonder spring from the moulding of each small sculpture, which recall and evoke forms without ever entirely defining them.

Instead, the rule is imposed by the nature of the jewels, which do not have an independent existence but live only when imagined and created for the countless potential women who, by wearing them, imbue them with their own, unique significance.

It is perhaps owing to this dichotomy, this continued oscillation, that Francesca Romana Borruso’s bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings have been called mobile constructions, jewels of light and shade that reveal the gleaming facets of an audacious architectural design, exalt the luminous quality of a cabochon stone or the contrasts of alternating solid and empty forms.

From the ancient art of lost-wax casting, whose sculptural and highly-modelled quality is ideal for her creations, Francesca Romana Borruso later turned to more experimental and avant-garde designs, creating visibly voluminous and baroque earrings that are feather light; sleek silver bangles that encompass the wearer’s wrist and appear as if they have been carved in rock; or, in striking contrast, pleasantly weighty and corpulent rings, shot through with light. Accordingly the jewels become decoys, forming tiny complicities between the jewel and its wearer.

Behind the scenes is the patient craftsmanship of the laboratory, which works with the iridescences created by the oxides, with the gold, silver and bronze marquetry, which experiments in materials that are new to jewelry making, such as carbon fiber, galuchat or bakelite, which excavate the settings to make way for pearls, coral and precious stones.
Only at a later stage was it possible, then, to name these sculptures turned precious jewels.

Five names for five collections: "Earth Wind", "Sea Wind", "Whisp of Wind", "Fortune Wind", and "Crossover".

¹ "I love the emotion that corrects the rule. I love the rule that corrects the emotion."
George Braque